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Kevin M. Schork has devoted his entire legal career solely to the area of crim­i­nal defense. He has rep­re­sented indi­vid­u­als from every walk of life, from world-class ath­letes to the every­day per­son just try­ing to sur­vive. He has earned the rep­u­ta­tion as a skilled and aggres­sive trial attor­ney who will fight to pro­tect your pri­vacy and con­sti­tu­tional rights.

Whether you are being inves­ti­gated or have been arrested on fed­eral or state charges, the expe­ri­ence of Kevin M. Schork  and the legal team he has assem­bled will help. At the Law Offices of Kevin M. Schork we are pre­pared to aggres­sively rep­re­sent your inter­ests and defend you on all types of crim­i­nal charges, includ­ing the fol­low­ing.


Charged with a crime in Rich­mond, VA? When a con­vic­tion is not an option. Con­tact Defense Attor­ney Kevin M. Schork.

The state of Vir­ginia has very severe penal­ties for crim­i­nal offenses. Law enforce­ment and the Com­mon­wealth Attor­ney are ded­i­cated to get­ting a con­vic­tion in your case. It is crit­i­cal to have a skilled crim­i­nal defense lawyer fight­ing for your side. Whether your case is a vio­lent crim­i­nal offense or you need a DUI attor­ney in Rich­mond, legal rep­re­sen­ta­tion that will fight for your free­dom is strongly urged when deal­ing with the Vir­ginia court system.

Kevin M. Schork is an expe­ri­enced crim­i­nal defense attor­ney who has rep­re­sented clients through­out Vir­ginia. From Rich­mond to Hamp­ton Roads and Char­lottesville, Kevin M. Schork is the  lawyer who makes your case his pri­or­ity. With a care­ful review and eval­u­a­tion of the details of your case, his legal team will deter­mine how best to move for­ward to defend you in court . Often, many of his crim­i­nal cases are either with­drawn by the Com­mon­wealth or dis­missed. How­ever, if your case pro­ceeds to trial  it is vital that the evi­dence and the case against you are fully eval­u­ated. Every case has flaws, and Kevin M. Schork and his team will look for any errors in the arrest, the gath­er­ing of evi­dence, and all aspects of your case when fight­ing to defend you and your rights.

Crim­i­nal charges are a seri­ous mat­ter. If con­victed, not only will you be fac­ing severe penal­ties, your per­ma­nent crim­i­nal record will reflect the con­vic­tion. This can cre­ate seri­ous prob­lems for you in the future, when seek­ing employ­ment or even a place to live. It is absolutely vital that you have legal rep­re­sen­ta­tion to pro­tect your rights when charged with a crim­i­nal offense in Vir­ginia, and Kevin M. Schork is pre­pared to aggres­sively fight on your behalf.